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Meeting Málaga

Málaga Masters - Part 1

Photos and words by Chris W. Hubbard


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Settling in.


After over 15 hours of flights from Wisconsin to Spain, we finally arrived in Málaga. At 4:30 am. A taxi took us to our Airbnb, but unfortunately, we were way too early for anyone to let us in. With zero Spanish ability, we somehow got our taxi driver to drop us off at the local McDonald’s where we waited it out.

Eventually, we made it to our home for the next 3 weeks, and what an amazing treat it turned out to be. With a full kitchen, a comfortable amount of space, and a rooftop terrace with phenomenal views of the city, we settled in to begin our teacher training workshop with Tony Sanchez.


On life & yoga:

The outcome of everyday life and yoga practice depend on how you see the world and its challenges. Your life and yoga are affected by the way your mind thinks. If your mind dwells on the realm of positiveness and possibilities, anything in life and in yoga are possible. Approach life and your yoga practice with enthusiasm, love, joy, focused attention and the desire to learn and know more. You will see yourself improve tenfold. Inspiration, confidence and striving for perfection in life and in yoga, should be your goals. Make every day and every yoga session count by making them the very best and greatest experiences you can create. This positive attitude will invigorate and inspire your soul. It will also give you the perseverance and patience to create sustainability along your earthly path.
— Tony Sanchez

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Love at first sight.

After settling into our Airbnb we just couldn’t help it; we had to go out and explore the city a bit. And what a city it is. We were simply blown away. Málaga is a small city but the cultural vibe is massive. It’s the southernmost city of Spain and one of the oldest cities in the world—about 2,800 to be exact. The city had been home to the Phoenicians, the Romans, and both Arab and Christian Kingdoms who all left their mark on the city which is packed with archaeological remains and monuments. In 2016 the city was named the European Capital of Culture. The city is stunning and one of the most magical cities we’ve had the pleasure of wandering around in.


Guidelines for a perfect life:

Be crystal clear, innocent and happy like a healthy child. Purify your intentions toward your family, friends and others. Be positive, optimistic and work hard. Love nature, including all living beings and be compassionate toward them. Eat healthy, vacation, play, rest and daydream. Practice yoga, meditate and contemplate silent stillness.
— Tony Sanchez

Scroll down to our adventure log for details and links


Adventure Log


Details & highlights from part one of our Málaga Masters adventure


What we did:

  • Took a plane from Milwaukee to Detroit, then New York, then Málaga Spain. Our total flight time was about 15 hours

  • Thanks to Delta Airlines who went WAY out of their way to fix a mistake WE made and get us to Málaga on time. We owe them a huge thanks. Best airline ever.

  • Checked into this amazing Airbnb pad in downtown Málaga. It was a fatalistic place to stay and our hosts were wonderful people!

  • Explored Málaga on foot and enjoyed a few ice cold beers and assorted meats at Restaurante Gastrobar 21 Bou


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