Best Places For Fun Yoga Photos In Taipei 2018


Great Yoga photo locations in Taipei:

There are millions of places to take great yoga photos while traveling in Taiwan—and around Taipei. Here are 8 of our favorite places based on their popularity, and ease-of-access from Taipei city.

These are places you are bound to visit while traveling in Taipei, so if you're into yoga as well, snap a few pose pics while you're there. Make sure to tag them with the #TaiwanYoga and #AsanaSeekers hashtags too.


1 - Yoga photos at the Taipei 101

The Taipei 101 is Taiwan's most iconic building, and on most travelers must-see-while-in-Taiwan list. Some of the very best views of the 101 are from Elephant mountain and the trails around that area. All are easy to access with great views of the Taipei 101.


Here are a few of our yoga photos at the Taipei 101 in Taiwan:


2 - Yoga photos at Chiang Kai Chek Memorial Hall (CKS)

Another must-visit monument for travelers in Taipei, and a great place to get some really great yoga photos. What most people don't realize is just how expansive the area around the monument is—it includes much more than Chiang Kai Chek's sarcophagus. There are parks, ponds, trees, bridges and more; all great locations for yoga photos.  


Here are a few of our yoga photos at CKS Memorial Hall in Taiwan:



3 - Yoga photos at Yangmingshan National Park

Located in northern Taipei, this large national park is easily accessible from the downtown area. The park is home to numerous hiking trails, over-looks, scenic spots, plants, and wildlife. The area also features numerous hot-springs. The sheer size of the area, and beauty of it, mean there are lots of opportunities for great photos of all kinds—yoga included. 


Here is one of our friends yoga photos at Yangmingshan National Park in Taiwan:


4 - Yoga photos around the north coast of Taiwan

The north coast of Taiwan isn't the easiest for most travelers to get to from Taipei, but the landscape and oceanside views around the tip of Taiwan are breathtaking and worth the extra effort. The easiest way is to hire a taxi for the day or rent a car if you have an international drivers license—making the trip easy and comfortable.


Here are a few of our yoga pics from the north coast of Taiwan:


5 - Yoga photos at the Grand Hotel Taipei

The Grand Hotel in Taipei is one of the world's tallest Chinese classical buildings in the world, and was still the tallest building in Taiwan until 1981. The building is stunning and makes a great place to explore and take some nice yoga photos. The Grand Hotel Taipei is also located next to a series of hiking trails, parks, and the world famous Shilin night market. You could make a day out of it. 

Here are a few of our yoga photos from the Grand Hotel Taipei:


6 - Yoga photos at the Beach in Taiwan

A lot of travelers in Taiwan don't realize how many amazing beaches are located only an hour or so outside of the city of Taipei. Yogis love to take beach yoga photos, and Taiwan has plenty of them—north and south.


Here are a few of our yoga pics from the beaches of Taiwan:


7 - Yoga photos in the Taipei Metro

While it's not the most scenic or "natural" place to take a yoga photos, the Taipei Metro has plenty of interesting stops that could make great backdrops for yoga photos. 


Here's one of our yoga pics near the Taipei Metro:


8 - Yoga photos in Daan Park Taipei

Daan Park, located in the center of Taipei, is one of the greatest parks in the world. Its diverse landscape and lush greenery make it a perfect place for yoga travelers in Taipei to visit and and practice some outdoor yoga—and take a few photos of course. 


Here are a few of our yoga photos from Daan Park in Taipei: