Best Yoga Studios For Travelers In Taiwan 2018


By Chris W. Hubbard

For many yogis, keeping up a strong practice while traveling can be harder than expected. Traveling can be exhausting, and lazing around is often be far more appealing than a half-hearted practice in an unfamiliar place.

There's also the issue of contracts and memberships. Most of the well-established studios in larger cities require some type of lengthy commitment—not an option for yogis on the move. However, here in Taipei and around Taiwan there are a number of fantastic options for yogis looking to get in a practice or two 


1 - Gift Yoga Taipei

This is my own space which I use to teach private group classes, courses and workshops for up to 4 people. While my classes and workshops focus on specific needs—stress and anxiety, back pain, detox—I also offer intro to yoga courses as for small private groups. This option is great for couples, those seeking private group instruction, or those looking for yoga solutions to heal or improve specific physical ailments.

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2 - Hatha Yoga Taipei

This is the first studio I joined in Taipei and it’s still one of my favorite places to practice. It’s hot yoga, which means, if you are unfamiliar with the style or looking for something relaxing, you may not enjoy it. But if you’re like me and love an intense workout that leaves you soaked in sweat, then this is the place to go. There are no contracts or multi-class commitments, drop-ins are welcome, so this is an easy studio for travelers to pop into for a quick class. The other thing I like about this studio is their really nice showers, towels and free water. The owners are also very experienced, master teachers, with lots of great advice to give as well. They keep a fridge loaded with great health drinks, and beer as well. Highly recommended. 

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3 - Peacestreet Community Center

Peacestreet was originally founded as a small community center, by a group of friends who were looking for their own space to host events and community gatherings. Since then the space has evolved mostly into a kind of DIY yoga space, with different classes and workshops being offering by a variety of teachers. I’ve personally attended many classes and workshops here and always enjoyed them. Each teacher charges their own rates, so class prices vary, but in general there are no contracts or long-term commitment requirements making it a great pit-stop for the yoga traveller. The vibe at Peacestreet is also very "hippy traveller, nomad artist” which makes it a great fit for those looking for this type of setting. 



4 - Light Beam Studio

While I’ve never been here personally I’ve only heard great things. This is the studio to visit if you are looking for a more spiritual yoga experience. They also offer a wide variety of other mystical massages and spiritual treatments that I’m sure are perfect for a specific type of person, it’s not me, but it might be you!




5 - Origin Yoga & Wellness

This is a very beautifully renovated beach front studio that mostly hosts week-long and weekend retreats, however they also offer private classes on request. The special thing about Ocean-wellness is the fact that it’s semi-hidden inside a giant building that, at first glance, will leave you wondering if you're in the right place. The huge old building appears do be falling apart, but when you see what they’ve done inside you will be amazed. Their main studio overlooks the ocean with fantastic views, and a walk to the beach means simply crossing the street. A bit out of town, but worth the trek if you’re looking to get away and relax with some yoga and massage on the side.

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6 - Acroyoga Taipei

This is the first small studio to open in Taipei that focuses primarily on Acroyoga classes and workshops, although they do offer a variety of other classes as well throughout the week. I’ve attended many classes here, and what I like most is how clean it is at all times. They’ve clearly invested a lot in quality mats and equipment and take care of it all very well. If you have no experience with Acroyoga, I would highly recommend taking at least one Tuesday night class. Drop-ins are welcome and the price is fair. 

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7 - United Yoga

This is another small home yoga practice space near Guting Station that was founded many years ago and continues to be a semi-secret place for drifting nomads to catch a few basic classes while they’re in town. Classes are almost all donation based which makes it a great option for those who are on a really tight budget and not looking for anything fancy.



8 - Omcean Yoga Kaosiung 

While most of the places I mention here are in Taipei, this one is in Kaoxiong, for anyone who happens to be heading down south for a while and still wants to practice. While the space mainly caters to locals in the area, I mention it because the space is nice, and the owner / teacher not only speaks great English but is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve met in Taiwan. She can also give you tips on other adventures in the south as she is an avid diver, free-diver, surfer, beach pro, ect. She’ll have all the info you need for a fantastic southern Taiwan adventure. Highly recommended if you head south. 

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