Best Ways To Relax While Traveling In Taipei 2018


Taipei is a big city. There’s so much to do, eat, smell, capture, and share. As a traveling yogi, we know how hard it can be to find time to actually relax while taking it all in.

So here are 10 of the most perfect ways for yoga travelers in Taipei to take a break, and find true relaxation.

1 - A trip to the Hot springs

Taiwan is famous for its hot springs, and one of the things we love the most about living here in Taipei. There are many options of course, with most of them falling into the “hotel room hot spring” category. But there are wild options for the more adventurous yogis as well. Below is what we recommend looking into:

The Beitou public hot springs

These are our favorite local hot springs for a many simple reasons:

  • They’re outside

  • They’re interesting

  • They’re extremely cheap (about $1US)

  • They’re easy to get to on the MRT

  • They have affordable swimwear options and drinks if you need them

  • They are full of locals who love to strike up a conversation

  • They have cold and hot water showers and changing rooms

Check this blog post on how to get there.


Bayan wild hot springs

This place is legend. It’s one of the last remaining “natural” hot springs near Taipei, and definitely the most picturesque. But, without transportation, they can be hard to get to. You’ll need to take a bus, or taxi, and be prepared for a short hike. There are many blogs that have detailed the lore of Bayan hot springs. Here’s one of the best guides to Bayan hot springs by Follow Xiao Fei (a bit of a blog legend in his own right)

2 - A Taiwanese massage

Taiwan is also known for its massage which can be much more “intense” than other kinds of massage. Taiwanese massage is all about digging into the deep tissue and working out all the knots and tight spots, so be prepared to grit your teeth a few times. However, the relaxation you feel after a good Taiwanese massage is about as good as it comes—pure bliss. So be courageous and try it out. There are foot massage shops all over, and easy to find, especially in the night markets or in popular tourist locations. So just look around and pop into any that looks acceptable. If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, however, you could try this massage place.

3 - A meditation retreat

There are a number of meditation retreats around Taiwan that offer the relaxing—or sometimes painful—experience of all-day meditation. Here are a few options you could look into while searching for mediation in Taiwan:

4 - A weekend yoga retreat

What better way to relax than getting out of Taipei—not too far of course—and spending time in a weekend yoga retreat near the beach. We recommend checking out Origin Yoga & Wellness in Baishawan, and reading the Baishawan Bliss story we recently did about our weekend adventure there!

5 - A yoga class, of course

Doing some yoga while on your trip is one of the best ways to find real relaxation. To learn more about the best options for yoga travelers in Taipei, check our article on the top yoga studios for travelers in Taiwan.

6 - A trip to the botanical gardens

This has to be one of our favorite places in Taipei to get out of the city for a breath of fresh air. While Daan Park is nice and convenient to get to, the botanical gardens simply offer a lot more in the way of, well, botanicals. With no MRT stop here at this time, getting there is a bit more challenging than some other spots, but not by much. It’s an easy walk or bike ride, and well worth the trip. Oh, and it’s free. Read more about it here.

7 - A trip to the beach

The beach is historically one of the best places to relax. We all know that. But what most people don’t know is that Taiwan boasts some of the best beaches in the world—with many of them easily accessible from Taipei. Check out these beaches for a quick day trip to relax and swim or surf or whatever you like to do at the beach:

8 - The cheap day spa

Guess what? Taipei is FILLED with extremely cheap day spas you can enter for as little as $3US and spend all day in; relaxing in the hot-tub, sweating in the sauna, steaming in the steam room, and cooling off in the pool. It’s called the Taipei public sports centers and they are all around Taipei. Ok, so expect a lot of other people to be there, but Taipei has some of the nicest sports centers and if you’re looking for an affordable way to “spa” you should take the trip. We recommend heading to the Daan Sports Center—one of the newest and best in all of Taipei.

9 - A Teahouse

Many of these are blogged about and listed in the travel guides, so nothing fantastically new here, but the tea houses around Maokong are easily accessible and a totally relaxing way to spend some time while in Taipei. A must to check out. Here are a few links to check out

10 - A trip to the zoo

Ok, well, not ALWAYS a relaxing place as it can be filled with screaming children. But it’s a nice place to go and walk around, and the fact that you aren’t wild animal trapped in a cage should help you relax and appreciate your freedom. Here’s a great guide to the Taipei Zoo.

Chris W. Hubbard